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What is the best treatment for gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is a disorder in men that makes the breast tissue grow in size that makes it comparable to an average female breast in size sometimes even bigger. This is a cause of concern among adolescent boys who are the prime victims of this disease.

The disorder is first seen as just an aftereffect of hormonal imbalance and is often neglected which leads to increase in the breast tissues even furthermore making it worse in two years.

Effects of gynecomastiaThe increase in the ratio of androgens and estrogens are the cause of Gynecomastia. The first sign of this disorder is the enlargement of male breast region on one side or both.

The cause of this disorder is the imbalance between estrogen and androgens. Drugs are also the cause of it as in 20% cases it is found to be caused due to drugs.

The disorder is so prevalent these days that, “what is the best gynecomastia treatment” has become one of the most searched questions of google. In the initial stages of the disorder, it can be cured by bringing about a change in the lifestyle of the individual.

Doing proper exercise is often enough to get it in proper shape. However, since many adolescents are unaware of the disorder it often becomes visible and problematic once it has reached a bad point in the development of breast tissues.

If certain medication such as tamoxifen is taken within two years of after the start of growth, it can be stopped. Aromatase inhibitors are also used to suppress the growth during puberty however diagnosis often takes time and it is then very difficult to get rid of by using medication.

Gynecomastia treatmentsAt this point, there is only one way to get rid of the excessive male breast tissues and that is through surgery. One way to do it is through subcutaneous mastectomy in which is in simple terms is the removal of the glandular breast tissue.

The tissues can also be removed through laser by laser assisted lipolysis. There are however some side effects to this approach as well. In some cases, surgery leads to breast asymmetry and surgical wound imperfection which further leads to seroma and painful scars.

Another way to prevent this disorder is through radiation therapy, however, it doesn’t cure the disorder hence is not as helpful as surgery. So, for now, surgery is the best treatment for Gynecomastia until a more advanced and less painful technology comes along.


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